WELLER ZS6Zero Smog 6V fume extraction unit

Efficiency test via USB port
Unit purifies air at up to 8 workplaces
Only one 60 mm hose connector included. Additional connectors muß ordered seperat
The fume extraction system Zero Smog 6V (ZS 6V) is user-friendly with quick and simple installation and filter exchange. It has a low noise emission level and is small and convenient to locate within the work area.
The high quality components used in the ZS 6V result in low servicing requirements and long system life.
To increase filter lifetime and save on energy, the ZS 6V is fitted with an constant flow control (CFC) – depending on the number of connected workplaces. To extend the capacity an external pre-filter can be fixed directly to the ZS 6V.
The powerful maintenance free variable speed turbine is electronically controlled and has a maximum blower capacity of 645 m3/h.
It has 3 operating modes:
1. Standard speed control – selected by the user irrespective of the load on the system.
2. Speed limiting control – the turbine speed is automatically varied to match the load on the system.
3. Economy control – the rate of fume absorption is maintained at a constant value.
The operating hours and the filter condition are recorded for maintenance purposes.

The Constant Flow Control (CFC) guarantees optimal air flow regulation for each working place independent of the connected workplaces
Electronic filter control with optical and acoustical filter alarm
4 wheels to allow easy movement of the unit
Low noise level
Remote control via RS 232 port
  • General
    • Type
    • Solder vapour extraction unit
    • Model
    • Zero Smog 6V
    • Approval
    • Soldering fumes filter
    • Noise
    • 51 dB
  • Electrical values
    • Performance
    • 460 W
  • Measures
    • Ventilation system performance
    • 615 m³/h
    • Width
    • 460 mm
    • Height
    • 665 mm
    • Depth
    • 460 mm
  • Interfaces
    • Connection
    • 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power supply
    • Mains voltage input
    • 100 - 240 V AC
    • Mains frequency
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Mains plug
    • EF - French + protective contact CEE 7/7
    • Power supply, on device
    • C14 - cold device socket (m)