WELLER WXP200WXP 200 soldering iron

WXP 200 soldering iron

The WXP 200 soldering iron distinguishes itself by reaching the soldering tip temperature quickly and precisely. Due to its extremely high-performance 200-W heating element, excellent, dynamic behaviour is achieved. Due to its additional optimised sensor position, this soldering iron is particularly suited for soldering work with increased heat supply

The WXP 200 is equipped with a use-detection system and can automatically be switched to standby operation or OFF when it is not being used. The respective operating status is indicated by the LED status display. Please refer to the operating instructions of the respective WX supply unit being used to set the standby temperature and the switching times.

Technical data:
Temperature range: 100°C - 450°C (212°F - 850°F)
Tool cable: Silicone rubber, heat resistant
Heating element: Integrated heating wire element
Temperature sensor: Platinum sensor
Heating output: 200 W
Voltage (heating): 24 V
Heating time: (approx.) 19 s (50°C to 380°C) (120°F to 660°F)
Connection: 6-pin piece, protected against reverse polarity with interlock
Weight: 94 g including tip without cable
Tip type: XHT series
Power unit: Weller WX stations
  • General
    • Type
    • Soldering iron
    • Model
    • WXP 200
    • Product range
    • Piston, soldering tweezers
    • Temperatur max.
    • 450
  • Electrical values
    • Warm-up time
    • 0.23 min.
    • Performance
    • 120 W
  • Implementation
    • power supply
    • 24 V DC
  • Interfaces
    • Connection
    • 24 V