WIKO MSP K290GWIKO MS polymer, grey, 290ml cartridge

MS polymer is a high-quality, 1-component adhesive and sealant with an MS polymer base.

• Permanently elastic adhesive, high strength
• Adhesive and sealant applications
• For inside and outside, in construction and in industry
• Can be painted with emulsion paints
• No migratory staining
• Free from isocyanate, solvents, phthalate and silicone
• Fast cure
• UV, weather, salt water, moisture, and chlorine resistant
• anti-fungal properties

Very good adhesion to many substrates (even damp substrates), in most cases without any primer (test porous substrates beforehand)

• Colour-fast and odourless
• Wet-on-wet applicable
• Can be sanded (after curing)

Universal filler and joint sealant, suitable for connection joints, seams, gaps, cracks and uneven surfaces (no expansion joints) in construction and industrial sectors.

Sealant for ship deck seams, body joints and metal joints, adhesive and joint sealant (can tolerate vibrations)
High-quality glazing sealant particularly for burglar-proof glazing systems

Universal, water-resistant assembly and construction adhesive for bonding stone (non-porous),

concrete, mirror, natural stone, plaster, polycarbonate, PSPU, PVC, various plastics, ceramic tiles, enamels, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, Trespa, colour systems, wood, glass etc.
  • General
    • Type
    • MS Polymer
    • Design
    • Permanently elastic
    • Colour
    • Grey
    • Temperatur max.
    • -40 ... +100
  • Implementation
    • Content
    • 290 ml
  • Packaging
    • Packaging
    • Cartridge
  • Environmental information
    • H-statements
    • Classified as non-dangerous
    • P-statements
    • P102
    • UN-number
    • None
    • Class
    • None
    • Classification Code
    • None
    • Content
    • 290
    • Unit (g / ml)
    • ml
    • Pressurised container (y/n)
    • No
    • UN-number (IATA)
    • None
    • Class (IATA)
    • None
    • Packaging (cargo)
    • None
    • Label elements (old norm)
    • None