TPLINK TLWA901NDWIFI-N Access Point, 450 Mbit/s, 3T3R

WIFI-N Access Point, 450 Mbit/s, 3T3R

• 450 Mbit/s data transmission rate – the smooth wireless-N experience
• Supports multiple operating modes (Access Point, Client, Universal/WDS Repeater, Wireless Bridge)
• Simple setup of a WPA/WPA2-encrypted, secure connection by pressing the QSS button
• Option for Power-over-Ethernet operation over a distance of up to 30 m

The TL-WA901ND Wireless-N Access Point from TP-LINK was developed to establish or expand a scalable, high-speed wireless-N network. Multiple Ethernet-capable devices such as game consoles, multimedia devices, printers or NAS devices can also be connected with such a network. The wireless performance has been significantly improved – 15-times higher speed and 5-times greater range compared to wireless-G also guarantee multi-user environments an uninterrupted Internet experience at home, in the office, in cafés, in hotels or at the airport.

Expand your wireless network
The APs provide a number of useful functions that facilitate working in and with the WIFI network – more than ever before. In repeater mode the AP can significantly improve the footprint and the signal strength in an existing WIFI environment by using the Wireless Distribution System (WDS). Multiple APs can be used in the process. TP-LINK's 11N products are distinguished by the universal repeater mode. This mode ensures the compatibility of APs and routers that do not use WDS. This also allows larger networks to be established in areas with inadequate supply or also with many users, such as cafés, offices and hotels.

Power over Ethernet*
If a network device has to be operated in areas where there is no electrical power, Power over Ethernet offers the best solution. The enclosed Power Injector allows both data and electricity to be provided via a RJ45 Ethernet cable (max. 30 metres). This gives you more freedom when selecting the installation site and the best possible signal quality.

QSS or Quick Secure Setup is a useful characteristic that allows you to set up WIFI security quickly and without any problems simply by pressing the QSS button on the WIFI adapter. A secure WPA2 connection is established automatically. As a result your network is protected from the beginning – quickly in securely in under a minute.

Multi-SSID with VLAN support

The Multi-SSID function makes it possible to create separate networks and thus divide users into different groups – according to access priority or the security level applied. The different SSIDs then belong to different VLANs with independent services to protect against unauthorised access.

*TP-LINK's TL-WA901ND uses the passive PoE technology, which is widespread in the industry, thus offering a cost-effective PoE solution. Never connect PoE products from different manufacturers with each other! Only do this with professional support.
  • Wykonanie
    • Predkosc transferu
    • 450 MBit/s
    • Normy
    • IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    • Firewall
    • SPI
    • Antena
    • 3x external, removable
  • Ogólnie
    • Typ
    • WLAN access point
    • Wykonanie
    • Detachable antenna
    • Kolor
    • White
    • Zasilacz
    • External or PoE
    • Akcesoria
    • Power supply, PoE injector, patch cable, manual
    • Konstrukcja
    • WLAN access point
  • Wartosci elektryczne
    • Czestotliwosc
    • 2.4 GHz
    • Zysk
    • 5 dB
  • Wyswietlacz
    • Wyswietlacz
    • Status LEDs
  • Zlacza / interfejsy
    • LAN
    • 10/100
    • Przylacze
    • 1x RJ45 LAN
  • Cechy szczególne
    • Szyfrowanie
    • 64/128bit WEP, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK
  • Wymiary
    • Szerokosc
    • 195 mm
    • Wysokosc
    • 36 mm
    • Glebokosc
    • 130 mm
  • Zasilanie
    • Zasilacz w zestawie
    • Yes
    • Wejscie napieciowe
    • 230 V AC
    • Czestotliwosc sieci
    • 50 Hz
    • Wtyk sieciowy
    • C - Euro plug CEE 7/16
    • Podlaczenie sieciowe, od strony urzadzenia
    • Plug housing
    • Wejscie niskiego napiecia
    • 9 V DV / 0.85 A
    • Podlaczenie niskiego napiecia
    • DC mounted socket, round, 2 pin