WERA 3160I7Wera 3160 i/7 screwdriver set, stainless steel

Kraftform Stainless: The VDE safety screwdriver for stainless steel screw connections.

With laser tip blade + voltage tester + rack

Stops extraneous rust!
The use of stainless steel tools prevents extraneous rust, which is caused by the abrasion of conventional tools.

Micro-rough lasertip blade. Reliable fit and high abrasion resistance. No slipping out.

Individual testing at 10,000 volts in water bath.

IEC 609000:2004

Application: Slotted screws and recessed head screws, Phillips recess
Design: 7 pieces in window box + rack

1 x 0.5x3.0x80 1); 1 x 0.6x3.5x100; 1 x 0.8x4,0x100; 1 x1.0x5.5x125
1 x PH 1x80; 1 x PH 2x100
Voltage tester:
1 x 0.5x3.0x70
  • General
    • Type
    • Screwdriver set
    • Technology
    • Stainless steel
    • Design
    • Mixed
    • Approval
    • VDE 1000V
    • Model
    • Stainless steel
  • Packaging
    • Packaging
    • 7-piece