AK SVGA AUDIO 3VGA monitor cable, 15-pin HD plug/plug, audio, 3 m

Monitor cable with 3.5-mm stereo audio cable, 15-pin HD plug > 15-pin HD plug, 3 metres

Premium SVGA cable with double-shielded
coaxial RGB lines and ferrites.

With integrated 3.5-mm stereo audio cable and adapter
3.5 mm to 2x RCA audio.

Particularly suitable for connecting netbooks/notebooks with flat screen TVs.

The length of the audio line from the VGA connector is 45 cm at one end and 45 cm at the other.
The cable can therefore also be used for notebooks with front audio jacks.
  • Interfaces
    • Connection entry
    • 15-pin VGA plug
    • Connection discharge
    • 15-pin VGA plug
    • Connection
    • HD plug, 3.5 mm jack plug
  • Measures
    • Cable length
    • 3.0 m
  • General
    • Assembly
    • Ferrite
    • Type
    • Premium high-quality cable
    • Design
    • 15-pin high density plug <> plug/audio
    • Pole number
    • 15