BENNING IT 130VDE 0100 installation tester

Safety inspections on electrical equipment following installation, modification or as a regular inspection can be performed easily and efficiently with the BENNING IT 130.

Measuring functions:
• Low-impedance resistance of protective earth and equipotential bonding conductor connections (test current: 200 mA with reversed polarity)
• Insulation resistance with a test voltage of 50/100/250/500/1000 V
• Line impedance (L-N/L) with voltage drop and short-circuit current
• Loop impedance (L-PE) without FI/RCD tripping and short-circuit current
• Testing of FI/RCD circuit breaker, standard, and delayed (S), type AC, A, F, B, B+ with auto test, contact voltage, tripping time and tripping current (ramp test)
• TRUE RMS voltage, frequency and phase sequence test
• First failure leakage current in IT network
• Earthing measurement via 3-wire method (available as an option with earthing kit)
• TRUE RMS current via BENNING CC 1/CC 2/CC 3 current clamps (available as an option)
• Illumination intensity via BENNING lux meter type B (available as an option)

• NEW: measured value memory on four levels: object/block/fuse/measurement point
• NEW: bi-directional interfaces (USB/RS 232)
• NEW: upload system structures and download measured values
• NEW: integrated real-time clock (measured value with date/time)
• NEW: clear good/bad indicator with green/red LED on the tester and the switchable Commander probe tip
• NEW: Commander probe tip with TEST and MEM button, as well as powerful LED illumination of the measuring point
• NEW: connection for a barcode scanner to identify the measuring point and rename the memory location.
• Help function with connection diagram
• Backlit graphic display
• Power supplied by six NiMH AA batteries
• Built-in battery charging function
• Supplied with bag, batteries, measuring leads, charging cable, switchable Commander probe tip, PC software and calibration protocol

BENNING PC-Win IT 130 protocol software:
• NEW: creation and transfer (upload) of system structures to BENNING IT 130 for efficient repeat inspection
• Measured value download and logging via test report and ZVEH (German Central Association of Electrical and Information Technology Contractors) test log

Technical data:
Display: Graphic display (illuminated)
Low-impedance measurement: 0.01 ohm - 2 kohm
Insulation resistance: 10 kohm - 1000 Mohm
Line impedance (L-N/L): 0.01 ohm - 10 kohm
Loop impedance (L-PE): 0.01 ohm - 10 kohm
Short-circuit current: 0.01 A - 200 kA
FI/RCD test type AC/A/F and B/B+: tripping time, tripping current (ramp), contact voltage, auto test
Phase sequence: Yes
Voltage (TRUE RMS), frequency: 1 V - 550 V, 0 Hz - 500 Hz
Earth resistance: 0.01 ohm - 2000 ohm (via earthing kit)
Current (TRUE RMS): 0.1 mA - 400 A (via clamp)
Illumination intensity: 0.01 lux - 20 klux (via sensor)
Measured value memory: Up to 1800 measurement results
Interfaces: USB, RS 232
Software included: BENNING PC-Win IT 130
  • Généralité
    • Type
    • Installationsprüfgerät
    • Couleur
    • rouge
    • Modèle
    • IT 130
  • Display
    • Affichage
    • LCD
  • Modèle
    • Type de pile
    • 6x AA (Mignon)
  • Raccordements / interfaces
    • Connexion
    • USB, RS-232
  • Emballage
    • Emballage
    • Conditionnement individuel