DELOCK 65399USB mini male > USB 2.0-A female OTG

This USB mini adapter by Delock enables you to convert the USB mini port of your mobile device into a USB-A female port. Thus you can connect e.g. HDDs, memory sticks with standard USB port to mobile phones, smart phones, tablet PCs etc. with OTG support. The OTG function enables a direct data transfer between your mobile device and the USB device, without connection to a computer.

• Connector: USB 2.0-A female > USB mini male
• USB 2.0 specification
• OTG function (On-The-Go)

System requirements
• Mobile device with OTG function and USB mini port

Package content
• Adapter
  • General
    • Design
    • Mini plug > OTG A socket
    • Type
    • USB adapter
    • Technology
    • 2.0