The TAN generator for Sm@rt-TAN and chipTAN QR

Just like a hybrid car, the tanJack® photo QR supports two systems in one device-this is why it is often referred to as "the hybrid reader".

The tanJack® photo QR can be used for Sm@rt-TAN photo and chipTAN QR in handy online banking.

Sm@rt-TAN photo displays a colour matrix code in the online banking system while chipTAN QR displays a QR code-these are photographed using the TAN generator. After checking the transaction data, a TAN is then generated. Both methods are very safe and have been tested over many years.

Its high-quality keyboard, lightning-fast code recognition and harmonious design are the defining features of this new TAN generator.

This TAN generator also exhibits the high quality and durability for which REINER SCT is renowned.
Using three standard AAA batteries and extreme power-saving electronics, one set of batteries can be expected to last up to five years.

  • TAN generator for Sm@rt-TAN photo and chipTAN QR
  • Extremely fast recognition of colour matrix and QR codes
  • Outstanding design
  • "Very good" test results
  • High-quality keyboard
  • High-contrast, illuminated colour display
  • Important data is accentuated
  • Can be used on smartphones, tablets, notebooks or desktop computers
  • Up to five years running time with one set of batteries
  • German-made security

  • General
    • Type
    • TAN-Generator
    • Design
    • für Onlinebanking
  • Other
    • Specification
    • QR-Code nach DK chipTAN QR / HHDQR
  • Display
    • Display
    • 1.77 Zoll TFT-Farb-Display
  • Measures
    • Width
    • 62.5 mm
    • Height
    • 102 mm
    • Depth
    • 19 mm