LAPP 61806683SILVYN® SPLIT COV-M 32 x 1.5

SILVYN® SPLIT COV is a separable conduit gland for subsequent installation with the separable SILVYN® SPLIT cable protection conduit.

The straight, separable, metric SILVYN® SPLIT COV-M gland, made of polyamide 6, supplements the separable SILVYN® SPLIT protective conduit. The gland allows easy subsequent installation and a clean thread connection to housings or to separable counter nuts.

Halogen and cadmium free
Fire class: V2 in accordance with UL94
Filament test: 850°C in accordance with DIN EN 60695-2-10
Oxygen index: >28 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4589-2
  • General
    • Model
    • Design
    • M32x1.5
    • Material
    • PA6
  • Measures
    • inside-Ø
    • 26 mm
    • outside-Ø
    • 44 mm
    • Length
    • 50.5 mm
  • Implementation
    • Protection class
    • IP 44