EP 330 D EGSet of hooks, stainless steel, pointed, bent ESD

The various designs in the EP 330 set of hooks with holding, lifting, cleaning and scratching functions enables users to be effective in carrying out tasks on electronics PCBs and also on components where necessary.

EP 330 D — EG needle-shaped, pointed, bent

In addition to securing components during soldering, a wide range of corrective tasks can also be carried out on PCB and components. The tools can be used to help when desoldering. Furthermore, it is possible to remove corroded layers or other contaminants.

Scratch marks on the PCB at particular areas or also bends or correcting SMD components are other areas of application.

The ergonomic coating on the handles has been designed to ensure your hands do not become tired from working. The
tools comply with ESD requirements.
  • General
    • Type
    • PCB fix
    • Design
    • Spiky, bent
  • Implementation
    • Protection class
    • ESD