SG 2524 NSchaltregler-IC, DIL-16

The SG2524 and SG3524 incorporate all the functions required in the construction of a regulating power supply, inverter, or switching regulator on a single chip. They also can be used as the control element for high-power-output applications. The SG2524 and SG3524 were designed for switching regulators of either polarity, transformer-coupled dc-to-dc converters, transformerless voltage doublers, and polarity-converter applications employing fixed-frequency, pulse-width modulation (PWM) techniques. The complementary output allows either single-ended or push-pull application. Each device includes an on-chip regulator, error amplifier, programmable oscillator, pulse-steering flip-flop, two uncommitted pass transistors, a high-gain comparator, and current-limiting and shutdown circuitry.
  • Allgemeines
    • Modell
    • Schaltregler
    • Ausführung
    • Flyback
    • Gehäuse
    • DIL-16
  • Elektrische Werte
    • Eingangsspannung
    • 8 - 40 VDC
    • Ausgangsspannung
    • 40 V DC
  • Sonstiges
    • Temperaturbereich
    • -25 ... +85 °C