DIGIDISH 33GR TWSAT dish, 33 cm, grey, universal twin LNB

Technisat SAT dish 33 cm, grey, universal twin LNB

High-performance offset dish
The DigiDish 33 is enormously powerful for its size. It is also visually appealing. The aerial is attractive and elegant. It is manufactured from high-quality aluminium to guarantee a particularly long service life.

High reception performance
The DigiDish 33 receives all digital DVB-TV and radio programs from ASTRA 19.2° East in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Many dozens of digital DVB programmes (television and radio) can also be readily received by the DigiDish 33 from the Eutelsat Hotbird 13° East orbit position. (However, signal quality depends on the transmitted power from the respective transponder on the targeted satellites).

Inconspicuous installation
The DigiDish requires little space and is therefore the ideal satellite aerial for balconies or for unobtrusive installation. The DigiDish 33 can now receive digital satellite signals in areas in which this was previously difficult.

• Outdoor, quick-mount system
• Offset dish (33 cm)
• Material: top-grade aluminium
• Durable and weather-resistant
• Extremely robust
• Excellent signal quality

AZ/EL bracket
• High-quality aluminium
• Completely pre-assembled

Receiver electronics
• Universal twin LNB for 2 receivers
• Digitally compatible

Included with delivery
• AZ/EL bracket with LNB retaining clip and swivel profile
• Dish
• Intermediate piece
• Wall bracket
• LNB retaining clip with 2 M3x30 screws, 2 M3 nuts, 2 washers
• 4 M6x15 screws, 4 M6 nuts, 4 washers
(No connection cable as described in installation instructions)
  • General
    • Type
    • Satellite dish
    • Colour
    • Grey
    • Material
    • Aluminium
    • Assembly
    • 40 mm feed mount
    • Technology
    • For 2 users
  • Measures
    • Ø
    • 330 mm
    • Offset measure
    • 330 mm
  • Electrical values
    • Gain
    • Approx. 30 dB