RCB 25.30-CRCD/circuit breaker - 30 mA, 1+N, C 25

Combined RCD/circuit breaker (RCBO), 2-pole, type C. All poles disconnected, 230 VAC, 25 A/0.03 A

The combined RCD/circuit breakers (RCBO) from Kopp combine the advantages of Kopp circuit breakers (MCB) and residual current devices (RCD) into one, offering triple protection in a compact unit:

  • Personal protection
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit protection

See at a glance whether the KOPP RCBO has been tripped by overcurrent, residual current or short circuit thanks to the integrated fault signal display. The switch lock disengages; the toggle jumps to the centre position. For your safety, the RCBO cannot be switched on directly from the centre position. After rectifying the reason for shutting off, press the toggle down until it engages (reset), then switch up to ON (I) and the MCB is ready to be used again.
  • General
    • Type
    • RCCB protective device
    • Technology
    • RCB
  • Implementation
    • Characteristics
    • C
  • Electrical values
    • Voltage AC
    • 230
    • Current
    • 25
    • Current
    • 30