RCD 63.30-2RCD, 2-pole, 63 A/30 mA

Residual current circuit breaker (RCD), 230 V AC according to DIN VDE 0664, EN 61008, Type A

As with Kopp MCB circuit breakers, the position of the toggle on the residual current circuit breakers (RCDs) indicates the reason for the interruption. If the toggle is in the bottom position, the RCD was turned off manually. If the toggle is in the middle position, the device was switched off due to residual current in the equipment. To turn the RCD back on, push the toggle down to reset before returning it to the "ON" position at the top.

  • Detects AC residual current and residual pulsating DC current

  • General
    • Type
    • RCD switch
    • Technology
    • RCD
    • Design
    • Type A
    • Approval
    • DIN VDE 0664, EN 61008
  • Electrical values
    • Voltage AC
    • 230
    • Current
    • 63
    • Current
    • 30