RASP JP PFLANZEThe Teach Kids to Code Clever Plants kit for Raspberry Pi

Teach Kids to Code Clever Plants kit

This kit contains all the important components so you can measure and evaluate data for a plant. The aim is not only to know whether a plant is "thirsty", but also to get to grips with the technology involved. All you need for this is a Raspberry Pi and this kit, as well as basic knowledge from the Teach Kids to Code starter kit. Of course, you can also use the starter kit hardware to further expand your measuring station.

This kit contains the following projects:
• LED display to show whether the plant requires watering
• Twitterbot for plant data
• Email notifications

Included in the delivery
• Printed manual
• Jumper cables
• Breadboard
• MCP3008 analogue to digital converter
• Soil moisture sensor
• Photovoltaic resistor
• DHT11 air temperature and humidity sensor

All components are fully soldered and ready to use!
  • Implementation
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    • Raspberry Pi
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    • Starter-Kit
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    • smart Plants