DEVOLO 9102Devolo dLAN duo 500 Mbit/s network kit (2 adapters)

Starter kit, 2 adapters

Small adapter, double connection

The devolo dLAN® 500 duo is an ideal entry-level adapter for your
home network. Simply connect via the in-house
power lines and Internet is immediately available in every room.
Two LAN connectors on the adapter allow direct connection
of two devices such as computers and network printers in your
study or a smart TV and games console in the living room. The
compact enclosure allows flexible and discreet placement in
any socket in the house. Naturally, the home network can be
extended with additional adapters at any time. This innovative
dLAN® technology brings the Internet into every room. Over 16
million satisfied customers already use devolo - the number 1 for powerline home networks.

• Your home network from the power outlet. Unpack. Plug it in. Get started. The
simple connection via in-house power lines. This unit easily converts
Any outlet you like into an Internet access point.

• High-speed data transmission up to 500 Mbit/s and two Fast Ethernet connections for connecting additional end devices.
• Compact design for easy placement anywhere in the house in any power outlet.
• Ready to use. No cables. No installation required.
• It doesn't get any easier than this: connect adapter 1 to the router and connect the desired end device to adapter 2. And you're ready to go.
• Networked computers, smart TVs, receivers and more.
• Consistent Internet performance for all Internet-capable devices.
• Stable Internet from cellar to attic. No stuttering! No crashing!
• Automatic phase shift: routes Internet into every room and becomes your home network.
• Expand your network at any time and easily integrate further devices into your home network with an additional dLAN® adapter.
• Make full use of your devices: share printers and hard drives.
Access your music, photos and data or stream HD videos in the best quality.
• Automatic encryption! Active protection against unauthorised access.
From the very start!
• Exclusive PowerSave technology from devolo: minimum energy consumption - continuous, intelligent and entirely automatic.
• Includes dLAN® Cockpit software for home network configuration on PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).
• Compatible with all adapters in the 200/500-Mbit/s product series.
• Constructed, tested and certified in Germany.
• You can rely on the number 1 global market leader for power line home networking. As always, we provide maximum performance,
exclusive technologies and international patents.
  • Modèle
    • Débit de transfert
    • 500 Mbit/s
  • Raccordements / interfaces
    • LAN
    • 2x 10/100
    • Connexion
    • 2x RJ45
  • Généralité
    • Montage
    • 2 appareils
    • Technologie
    • Powerline
    • Type
    • Kit adaptateur Ethernet
    • Version
    • Mise en réseau de la maison par réseau électrique
    • Technologie
    • Powerline
    • Version
    • Avec double commutateur
  • Display
    • Affichage
    • LED d'état
  • Particularités
    • Protocole
    • Cryptage
    • 128-Bit AES
    • Garantie fabricant
    • 3 An(s)
  • Divers
    • Portée
    • 200 m
  • Alimentation électrique
    • Entrée de tension (réseau)
    • 196 - 250 V CA
    • Fréquence du réseau
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Fiche secteur
    • C - Fiche Euro CEE 7/16
    • Raccordement secteur, sur l´appareil
    • Boîtier de connecteur