INNOFIL 0026PLA filament — ice blue transparent — 2.85 mm

Innofil 3D — the innovative 3D printer filament!

You know you have European excellence in your hands with the Innofil3D PLA filament. The Innofil3D PLA filament has outstanding printing properties thanks to the entire manufacturing process undergoing innovative changes. Innofil3D PLA is the first choice for 3D printing using the Ultimaker Original and Ultimaker 2. We guarantee appealing and bright colours through the careful selection of colour pigments. The optimised manufacturing process ensures consistently excellent printing results and prevents the jets becoming clogged when used correctly. Innofil3D 2.85 mm achieves the best results when used in combination with Ultimaker 3D printers.

In contrast to ABS filaments, a heated bed is not essential when using PLA filaments, as there is less shrinkage and therefore less warping. PLA is based on maize starch and is biodegradable under industrial conditions, making it one of the most environmentally friendly filaments for 3D printing.
Innofil PLA filament is also excellent value for money and is suitable for home use or technically ambitious models. 750-g 3D models can be printed from 750 g of PLA filament.

Properties of Innofil3D PLA filament 2.85 mm:
• Filament: PLA 2.85mm
• Supplied in a handy coil of 750 g
• Optimum extrusion temperature: 195 - 230°C (depending on printer and print accuracy)
• No unpleasant odours during printing
• Compatible with all standard 3D printers (PLA) on the market (2.85 mm)
• Diameter of the coil support: 4.90 cm
• The first choice for 3D models!
  • General
    • Technology
    • PLA
    • Colour
    • Ice blue translucent
    • Printing temperature
    • 195 - 230 °C
    • Design
    • On roll
  • Measures
    • Ø
    • 2.85 mm
  • Implementation
    • Content
    • 750 g