DELOCK 89223PCI Express x1 > PCI 32-bit card

Converts 1x PCI Express x1 to 1x PCI 32-bit card

Brief description
The Delock PCI Express x1 card allows standard or low-profile PCI expansion cards to be used and simultaneously extends a PC by one further PCI interface.

The card is easy to install and is supplied with power by the PC power supply unit via the pre-assembled 4-pin Molex plug connector.

The opening enables easier access to the PCI card inside the enclosure for connecting different devices.

Technical data:
• PCI Express specification 1.0
• For PCI 32-bit 33-MHz standard and low-profile cards
• Incl. 5-V 19-cm power cable with 4-pin connector
• Opening dimensions: 4.8 x 1.8 cm

System requirements:
• PC with one free PCI Express card slot
  • General
    • Type
    • PCI Express x1 > PCI Card 32bit
    • System requirements
    • Vacant PCI Express card slot
  • Interfaces
    • Connection
    • 1x PCI Express, 1x PCI 32bit
  • Internal I/O Ports
    • PCI Express x16
    • 1x
    • PCI
    • 1x