OPA 2107 APOperationsverstärker, Dual, 4.5 MHz, DIL-8

The OPA2107 dual operational amplifier provides precision Difet performance with the cost and space savings of a dual op amp. It is useful in a wide range of precision and low-noise analog circuitry and can be used to upgrade the performance of designs currently using BIFET® type amplifiers. The OPA2107 is fabricated on a proprietary dielectrically isolated (Difet) process. This holds input bias currents to very low levels without sacrificing other important parameters, such as input offset voltage, drift and noise. Laser-trimmed input circuitry yields excellent DC performance. Superior dynamic performance is achieved, yet quiescent current is held to under 2.5mA per amplifier. The OPA2107 is unity-gain stable.
  • Allgemeines
    • Modell
    • Operationsverstärker
    • Ausführung
    • 2-fach
    • Gehäuse
    • DIP-8
  • Elektrische Werte
    • Versorgungsspannung
    • ±4,5 - ±18 VDC
    • Strom
    • 4,5 mA
    • Frequenzbereich
    • 4,5 MHz
  • Sonstiges
    • Temperaturbereich
    • -25 ... +85 °C