OP 470 GPZOperational Amplifier/6MHz

The OP470 is a high-performance monolithic quad operational amplifier with exceptionally low voltage noise, 5 nV/÷Hz at 1 kHz max, offering comparable performance to ADI’s industrystandard OP27.
The OP470 features an input offset voltage below 0.4 mV, excellent for a quad op amp, and an offset drift under 2 mV/°C, guaranteed over the full military temperature range. Open loop gain of the OP470 is over 1,000,000 into a 10 kW load ensuring excellent gain accuracy and linearity, even in high gain applications. Input bias current is under 25 nA, which reduces errors due to signal source resistance. The OP470’s CMR of over 110dB and PSRR of less than 1.8 mV/V significantly reduce errors due to ground noise and power supply fluctuations. Power consumption of the quad OP470 is half that of four OP27s, a significant advantage for power conscious applications. The OP470 is unity-gain stable with a gain bandwidth product of 6 MHz and a slew rate of 2 V/ms.