OP 295 GPZOperationsverstärker, 2-fach, DIP-8

Rail-to-rail output swing combined with dc accuracy are the key features of the OP495 quad and OP295 dual CBCMOS operational amplifiers. By using a bipolar front end, lower noise and higher accuracy than those of CMOS designs have been achieved. Both input and output ranges include the negative supply, providing the user with zero-in/zero-out capability. For users of 3.3 V systems such as lithium batteries, the OP295/OP495 are specified for 3 V operation.
Maximum offset voltage is specified at 300 µV for 5 V operation, and the open-loop gain is a minimum of 1000 V/mV. This yields
performance that can be used to implement high accuracy systems, even in single-supply designs.