EMO EN-100CNetwork isolator for PCB mounting

EMOSAFE EN-100 network isolators interrupt any galvanically conductive connection
(cables and shielding) between the Ethernet jack and the Ethernet circuit of the device being protected.
They block potential equalisation currents and protect devices and their users from
transient overvoltages, which, due to installation errors, lightning, switching processes, electrostatic
discharges etc., have been directly or inductively added to the Ethernet feed line.

EMOSAFE EN-100 network isolators are intended for integration on the PCB of the device being protected.
There are types for plug-in assembly on sockets and permanently soldered
types available. Thanks to their extremely compact design, they can even be used in very tight spaces.
An overview of the available versions can be found in section 4 VERSION OVERVIEW.

All EN-100 models are particularly effective at protecting devices, through the realisation of an additional TVS diode circuit.
Voltage spikes on individual signal wires cannot be withheld
by conventional network isolators. However, the EN-100 models eliminate these spikes.
The devices in the EN-100-series meet the requirements of IEC 60601-1 (3rd edition) and IEC 60601-1-2
and are thus suitable for galvanic isolation of the Ethernet interfaces on devices used in a medical setting.

EMOSAFE network isolators transfer high-frequency AC voltages according to the principle of
electromagnetic induction in the frequency range used for data transfer. Owing to
this transfer principle, the isolators do not need their own power supply. Installing drivers
is not required.
Low-frequency signal components are strongly damped, so that connected devices
can be protected from problems such as ripple loops.


Galvanic isolation of the Ethernet interfaces on medical electrical equipment or systems
for which patients must be protected from harmful leakage currents in line with standards.

Protection of particularly valuable devices from ripple voltages and surges from the edge of the network.

Protection of electrical measurement and monitoring equipment from external voltages and interference voltages from the Ethernet cabling.


Reduction of low-frequency AC voltages (mains ripples), which are caused by the network connection,
to an imperceptible level.
  • General
    • Design
    • Internal
    • Technology
    • Isolator for PCB mounting
    • Type
    • DIN EN 60601-1
    • Colour
    • Black