LOGILINK WL0099WiFi aerial base, approx. 100 cm cable

Aerial base for WiFi aerials from LogiLink. Allows the connection of WiFi aerials to an RP-SMA (male) connector.
The aerial base can be mounted on the wall as an option.
The cable length is approximately 100 cm with an RP-SMA (female) cable connection.

- RP-SMA (female) connector for
WiFi aerials
- Cable connection: RP-SMA male
- Holder with magnet
- Cable length: approx. 100 cm

---Cable length approx. 100 cm and not the length specified on the packaging!---
  • General
    • Type
    • Magnetic foot for WLAN antenna
    • Design
    • Magnetic foot
  • Interfaces
    • Connection antenna
    • RP SMA socket
  • Measures
    • Cable length
    • 1 m