BUFFALO LS210-3LinkStation 3 TB (1x 3 TB) network storage

Back up all your data and access it from anywhere in the world!

The LinkStation™ 210D series from Buffalo™ Technology ensures that all of your data is available at a central location and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

The LinkStation™ 210D series from Buffalo™ Technology not only provides the convenience and the capacity of a network storage solution, but also an incredibly easy-to-use interface with extremely quiet, fanless operation. The LS210 is quick to set up, immediately ready for intensive data storage operations. It can also be set up via your smartphone thanks to its new, intuitive interface optimised for mobile devices.

The LS210 series from Buffalo™ Technology is a NAS with one bay and is available fully populated with capacities of 2 or 3 TB.

Sorry, NSA — this cloud is purely private
Protect your privacy without monthly payments. Set up the LinkStation™ 210 wherever you want and save your data to your private cloud. If you set up the LinkStation™ 210 at home, then that is where your private cloud is. You can use all private DLNA devices (TV, games consoles, laptops, tablets, network audio players) to access your media files.

• Large capacity
• No size limit for individual files
• No size limit for daily volume

WebAccess — free apps and access from anywhere with just one click

The free WebAccess service from Buffalo allows users to set up a personal cloud even when travelling so they can easily access their data via the Internet regardless of location and also share it with others. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and a free app for iOS, Windows or Android to access all of your digital data that you have stored on the LinkStation™ 210.

A brand new user interface provides access to the most commonly used settings with just one click.

LinkStation™ files are easy to open remotely or using a free WebAccess app for the following operating systems:

• iOS 4.3 and higher
• Android 2.3 and higher
• Windows Mobile 7.5, 7.8, 8
• Windows tablet and desktop/laptop with Windows 8

Organise your life
The new LinkStation 200 series is a practical network storage and backup solution for private use. It offers a variety of functions enabling users to store, organise, open and stream media files — be it via computer, smartphone or tablet.

The LinkStation™ from Buffalo can also stream up to four HD movies at the same time so that every member of the family can watch their favourite film on their own device.

Back up all data
Users can back up data content on up to five business or private computers. The award-winning NovaBACKUP® is used for Windows PCs, while Macs work with Time Machine®: backing up multiple clients is no longer a problem!
  • Uitvoering
    • Geheugenomvang
    • 3000 GB
  • Aansluiting / interface
    • Aansluiting
    • 1x RJ45
    • USB
    • 1x USB 2.0
    • LAN
    • 100/1000
  • Algemeen
    • Uitvoering
    • For 1 hard drive
    • Processor
    • 800 MHz
    • Ontwerp
    • Aluminium/plastic housing
    • Voedingseenheid
    • 100 - 240 V (external)
    • Technologie
    • Includes hard drive
    • Type
    • Network storage solution
  • Afmetingen
    • Hoogte
    • 128 mm
    • Breedte
    • 45 mm
    • Diepte
    • 205 mm
  • Gewichten
    • Gewicht
    • 1.1 kg
  • Elektrische gegevens
    • Energieverbruik (in bedrijf)
    • 24 W
  • Stroomvoorziening
    • Inclusief voedingseenheid
    • Yes
    • Spanningsingang (net)
    • 100 - 240 V AC
    • Netfrequentie
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Netstekker
    • C - Euro plug CEE 7/16
    • Aansluiting op het stroomnet, aan apparaatzijde
    • C8 - small device socket (m)
    • Laagspanningsingang
    • 12 V DC
    • Laagspanningaansluiting
    • DC mounted socket, round, 2-pin