The two-way FONTANA system is a 360° omnidirectional speaker with a highly stylised look. The speakers are arranged so that they point upwards and reflect the sound output using two specially shaped cones. The result is a uniformly distributed frequency response that matches your hearing expectations in the room.

The optimum sound quality is achieved if these omnidirectional speakers are positioned approx. 50 cm to 1 m from a wall. Doing so produces a spatial sound of such quality that it is perceived anywhere in the room. Virtual sound sources, such as instruments or voices perceived to be between the speakers, can be clearly located from any seating position in the room, giving listeners a freedom of movement they have never experienced previously; this rings true even in acoustically challenging rooms. This freedom of movement leads to extraordinary diffu-sion fields for the effects channels in Dolby® Surround and multi-channel systems.

The DT 94 8 Ohm tweeters are ideal for this type of application and work in conjunction with the mid-range driver AL 170 8 Ohm and the carefully tuned crossover to ensure a balanced, neutral sound experience. Low-range frequencies are boosted by the bass reflex tube, which is leads out from the bottom of the bass chamber and guarantees clear, powerful bass reproduction. The omnidirectional FONTANA, tested in an anechoic chamber, achieved a maximum volume of 98 dB. However, if the FONTANA is positioned, as recommended, near a wall, the system produces + 6 dB or + 9 dB in a corner of the room,
making this omnidirectional speaker ideal even for large rooms. If required, two FONTANA speakers can be installed on each side to produce a full surround field. To do so, position one omnidirectional speaker to the side of the seating arrangement and a second one behind; do the same on the other side.

The FONTANA is ideal as a full-range effects speaker in multi-channel systems for high-quality playback of films and music; it also guarantees excellent spatial listening pleasure as the main speaker for Hi-Fi stereo systems.

The kit includes all components listed in this equipment list, but not the cabinet.

Included with delivery for 1 pair of speakers:
  • 2x tweeters: DT 94 8 ohm
  • 2x woofers: AL 170 8 Ohm
  • 2x frequency crossovers: Fontana/Fontanella SAT crossover
  • 2x terminals: ST 77
  • 2x bass reflex tubes: BR 15.34 (full length)
  • 4 bags Damping material: Polyester wool
  • 14x wood screws: 3.5 x 19 mm
  • 4x mounting kit: Neutral terminal
  • 2x red terminals
  • 2x black terminals
  • 8x spacer bolts (20 mm, SW 7, M4 female thread)
  • 2x 2.25 m cable 2 x 1.5 mm²
  • 2x Fontana cone set, beech
  • 8x mounting brackets: Brass:

Specifically not included: the speaker cabinet, which must be made by users themselves!
  • Généralité
    • Type
    • Kit haut-parleur
    • Modèle
    • Montage
    • Sans enceinte
    • Version
    • Paar
  • Valeurs électriques
    • Puissance
    • 70 W
    • Impédance
    • 8 ohm
    • Puissance musique
    • 100 W