HMP 2020Laboratory power supply, 2 channel, HMP 2020

Two-channel power supply, 0 V to 32 V

The high-performance power supplies from Rohde and Schwarz are robust, powerful and yet inexpensive. They offer a high
efficiency in combination with low residual ripple and a large number of comfort functions that are available in this power supply class.
are seldom to be found. These properties make sure that the devices belong to the extra class. professionals
Applications benefit from these power supplies because all device specifications are perfectly matched to each other.

High performance power supply with latest technology and many functions and features.
  • low residual ripple: 150 µVrms due to linear readjustment
  • high regulation and jerk reading resolution of up to 1mV/0.1mA
  • galvanically isolated, earth-free short-circuit-proof outputs
  • backside connection for all channels including Sense
  • Comfortable parallel and serial operation through U/I tracking
  • clear display of all parameters via LCD and key illumination

Technical data: Channels: 3
Power: max. 188 W
Output voltage: 0 V - 32 V
Output current: 0 - 5 A DC
Voltage ripple: < 250 µV (RMS), typ. <150 µV (RMS)
Current ripple: < 1 mA (RMS)
Display: LCD (240 x 64)
Maße: 285 mm × 95 mm × 405 mm

Remote control interfaces:
standard: dual interface LAN/USB
Optional: dual interface USB/RS-232 (R&S®HO720), IEEE488 (GPIB) (R&S®HO740)

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