JOK 70 000Jokari cable knife System 4-70

With the cable knife System 4-70 a new era begins. The cable knife Art.No. 70000 for stripping most common round cables from 8 - 18 mm (0.31" - 1.10") Ø.

By using the additional cable brackets the system can strip most common round cables from 4 - 70 mm (0.16" - 2.75") Ø with more safety, more comfort, more flexibility - the new generation of the cable stripper comes with many top features:

SAFETY - Automatic Blade Protection
  • More safety: The hooked blade is only exposed when pushed against the wire insulation. The blade guard automatically springs back over the blade to prevent any accidental injuries. Perfect protection for everyday routine work.

MODULAR SYSTEM - New Type of Bracket Change System
  • More flexibility: From 4 to 70 mm Ø - whatever the cable size. The new JOKARI is the perfect tool for you - thanks to the bracket change with a single click. To change the bracket simply release a clip in the push opening and slide it out. Swapping to a new bracket will allow you to use one tool to strip any cable from 4-70 mm Ø.

DESIGN - Visible Round Cut
  • More comfort: The cutting can be monitored instantly through the unique?a sight window in the metal bracket. The perfect ergonomic design of the new JOKARI ensures comfortable handling.

  • General
    • Type
    • Cable knife
    • Design
    • Round cable
    • Technology
    • System 4-70
  • Measures
    • Length
    • 170 mm
    • Width
    • 30 mm
  • Implementation
    • Cable cross-section
    • 8 - 18 mm²