M4A5 192/96-10VNispMACH 4A CPLD, 192Macro 96I/O TQFP144

ispMACH™ 4A CPLD Family, High Performance E2CMOS®, In-System Programmable Logic, 192Macro 96I/O 10ns TQFP144

The ispMACH™ 4A family from Lattice offers an exceptionally flexible architecture and delivers a superior Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) solution of easy-to-use silicon products and software tools. The overall benefits for users are a guaranteed and predictable CPLD solution, faster time-to-market, greater flexibility and lower cost. The ispMACH 4A devices offer densities ranging from 32 to 512 macrocells with 100% utilization and 100% pin-out retention. The ispMACH 4A families offer 5-V (M4A5-xxx) and 3.3-V (M4A3-xxx) operation. ispMACH 4A products are 5-V or 3.3-V in-system programmable through the JTAG (IEEE Std. 1149.1) interface. JTAG boundary scan testing also allows product testability on automated test equipment for device connectivity. All ispMACH 4A family members deliver First-Time-Fit and easy system integration with pin-out retention after any design change and refit. For both 3.3-V and 5-V operation, ispMACH 4A products can deliver guaranteed fixed timing as fast as 5.0 ns tPD and 182 MHz fCNT through the SpeedLocking feature when using up to 20 product terms per output (Table 2).
  • Allgemeines
    • Modell
    • ispMACH 4A
    • Typ
    • in-System Programmable High Density PLD
    • Gehäuse
    • TQFP-144
  • Ausführung
    • I/O-Pins
    • 96/96
    • Geschwindigkeit
    • 6,0 ns
  • Elektrische Werte
    • Spannungsbereich
    • 4,75 … 5,25 V
    • Strom
    • 74 mA
  • Besonderheiten
    • Makrozellen
    • 192
  • Messbereiche
    • Frequenz
    • 160 MHz
  • Sonstiges
    • Temperaturbereich
    • 0 … 70 °C