KMAS 7441-542HDMI connection panel

Kindermann multi-media connection system

The modular multi-media connection system is ideal for integrating computer, video, audio, controller and network ports in switching programs, desk connections, floor sockets and 19" racks.

It puts a definitive end to unsightly, loose-fitting and hanging cables.

The system is cost-effective and future-proof as new interfaces can be added at any time.

HDMI — high-speed with Ethernet
Connection panel with breakout cable, half blank 54 x 54 mm anodised aluminium

Compatible with the following switch ranges:
Busch-Jaeger: Duro 2000 Si/Reflex Si (linear)
Merten: Atelier, M1, M-Arec, M-Plan, M-Smart
Kopp: Object 2002, Alaska, Docoline
Jung: A500, AS500
  • General
    • Type
    • Konnect connector panels
    • Design
    • HDMI with Ethernet
    • Assembly
    • HDMI socket
  • Interfaces
    • Connection inside
    • Breakout cable
  • Measures
    • Width
    • 54 mm