CONIU 700400160SGPRS modem, USB

GPRS GSM quad-band modem
Modem for networks in line with technical data for the wireless transmission of data via USB.

Areas of application
Data transmission from:
• Remote measurement applications
• PLC-controlled equipment
• Computer systems
• RAS applications
• Vending machines
• Wind turbines

Industrial standard interfaces and an integrated SIM-card reader make the GPRS GSM quad-band modem the ideal GPRS GSM terminal for universal application in data communications and facilitate the rapid implementation of new applications in areas such as telemetry and telematics.

Technical data:
• Compatible with Windows and Linux systems
• Use of all GPRS/GSM services (voice, data, tele.)
• Use in almost all GPRS/GSM networks worldwide
• IP with TCP and UDP protocol, FTP, SMTP, SMS, CSD
• Compact design for integration into applications

• PC with USB interface (optional)
• Antenna (optional as an accessory)
• Power only over USB!
• SIM card with data activation (prepaid or fixed contract) (optional)

Please see the data sheet for further technical information
  • General
    • Type
    • GPRS-GSM-Quadband-Modem
    • Technology
    • USB interface
    • Design
    • Desktop device
  • Interfaces
    • Connection
    • USB socket