UNITEST SF100Fuse finder SF100, with transmitter and receiver

Fuse finder for live circuits

  • Quickly and precisely locate fuses and their assignment to circuits
  • Locate and track concealed cables

Device information
  • Set comprises transmitter and receiver in a sturdy carry case
  • The transmitter signal is displayed optically and acoustically on the receiver
  • Encoder with integrated safety plug for easy contacting with the safety socket
  • Easy switching between fuse and line search function
  • Stepless receiver sensitivity adjustment
  • Coded signal enables exact identification by the receiver

Technical data:
Positioning depth: 0 - 10 cm
Function line: 0 - 10 cm
Safety in accordance with EN 611010-1/IEC 611010

Product only available for Germany, Austria or countries with C or F plugs (earthed plug). Not available in Switzerland.