EBLOCKER PROLTeBlocker Pro (LIFETIME upd.) WEB anonymiser

eBlocker Pro (Lifetime Updates) is the complete Plug & Play solution for the protection of your privacy while surfing, where all users share a common exception list.

  • Tracker blocker - blocks data collectors/traders or other third-party companies that track you on the Internet and collect your data
  • Ad blocker - blocks data-gathering online advertising
  • IP anonymisation - hides your IP address (gate/VPN proxy)
  • Device cloaking - option to prevent the detection of the device you use
  • Speed up - increases the surfing speed, as no adverts and trackers are loaded
  • Plug & Play - no software installation or configuration required, thus suitable for all common devices and browsers
  • Protects any number of devices in the home network/smart home (LAN/WLAN), for up to 10 simultaneous users
  • Smart device anti-spy - protects against the sending of device usage data by "smart devices". (from Q2 2017)
  • Unlimited free updates for software and filter lists

The eBlocker is an intelligent device that easily connects to your home network/smart home. It anonymises your online behaviour and prevents any data about your surfing behaviour from being collected without your knowledge. The systematic spying on your private behaviour by online services has finally come to an end. The formation of personality profiles with intimate details about your health, your income or your personal wishes is thus actively prevented.

The eBlocker works without any software installation in all browsers and on all Internet-enabled devices (PC/laptop, smartphone, tablet, games console, smart TV, etc.). This distinguishes the eBlocker from conventional software tools that provide protection against trackers and online advertising.

Thanks to the simple Plug & Play operation with automatic configuration, the eBlocker is even ideal for technically inexperienced users. Simply unpack, connect to the home network and switch on to protect your privacy. Connected directly to the Internet router, the device itself does not store any data and does not use any cloud functions. With intelligent pattern recognition, the eBlocker analyses Internet traffic completely autonomously and remains up-to-date with filter lists that are updated daily.

Please note:

Compatibility information for hardware
Compatibility information for software
For AVM Fritzbox 3272/3490/7360/7490 individual settings are required!

Included with delivery:
eBlocker Pro, power supply unit, LAN cable, licence key, quick-start guide
  • Ogólnie
    • Typ
    • IP anonymiser
    • Wykonanie
    • Includes life-long updates
    • Kolor
    • White
    • Zasilacz
    • External
  • Wykonanie
    • Firewall
    • Yes
  • Wyswietlacz
    • Wyswietlacz
    • Status LEDs
  • Zlacza / interfejsy
    • LAN
    • 10/100/1000
    • Przylacze
    • 1x RJ45
  • Wymiary
    • Szerokosc
    • 90 mm
    • Wysokosc
    • 90 mm
    • Glebokosc
    • 90 mm
  • Ciezary
    • Ciezar
    • 0.153 kg
  • Zasilanie
    • Zasilacz w zestawie
    • Yes
    • Wejscie napieciowe
    • 100 - 240 V AC
    • Czestotliwosc sieci
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Wtyk sieciowy
    • C - Euro plug CEE 7/31
    • Podlaczenie sieciowe, od strony urzadzenia
    • Plug housing
    • Wejscie niskiego napiecia
    • 5 V DC
    • Podlaczenie niskiego napiecia
    • DC mounted socket, round, 2-pin