WELLER KIT1 TREasy-Click 60 extraction arm, flexible, funnel nozzle

Extraction arm with funnel-shaped nozzle
Easy-Click 60 extraction arm, flexible with funnel nozzle and throttle
Width: 230 mm, height: 100 mm, length: 1 m, Ø 60 mm

Included with delivery:

Easy-Click 60 extraction hose Ø 60 mm length: 3 meters
Easy-Click 60 shut-off valve for table mounting for flexible arm and extraction hose including shut-off valve and 2 table clamps
ALFA funnel nozzle
Easy-Click 60 funnel nozzle for flexible and pivot extraction arms, width 230 mm, height 100 mm. The Z adapter is required for mounting on an aluminium extraction arm without flexible suction hose.
Extraction arm accessories
Easy-Click 60 flexible extraction arm for bevel and funnel nozzles Ø 60 mm, total length with fitting 1 m.
  • General
    • Type
    • Suction arm
    • Design
    • Easy-Click 60
    • Model
    • KIT1 TR