Copy or emulate Extended Display Identification (EDID) data for optimal display settings

  • Stores EDID settings even when unit has been unplugged
  • Maintain proper display settings when using video extension systems
  • Rotary switch for manual resolution setting selection
  • USB-powered using the included USB to DC power cable

The VSEDIDDVI DVI EDID Emulator enables you to capture and retain Extended Display Identification Data from a monitor, which can then be connected to the video signal source (Video Extender, KVM Switch, etc.) to pass the EDID information and ensure the proper video settings are maintained.

EDID information contains important display settings such as maximum image size, color characteristics, factory pre-set timings, frequency range limits, etc., and since most video extender systems don’t offer EDID communication between the source and remote display, the DVI EDID Emulator is a perfect workaround for ensuring the optimum signal is provided to the display to help prolong the life of your displays.
  • Algemeen
    • Type
    • Emulator
    • Kleur
    • schwarz
    • Resolutie
    • 2056 x 1600
  • Aansluiting / interface
    • Aansluiting ingangszijde
    • DVI 24+5 Buchse
    • Aansluiting uitgangszijde
    • DVI 24+5 Buchse
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    • 0.123 kg