DELOCK 65173DVI 29-pin plug-socket right-angled adapter

This Delock DVI adapter can be used to angle the socket of DVI 29-pin devices, such as flatscreens etc., by 90° to the right.
This makes it easy to connect your DVI cable if the existing DVI socket is not easily accessible.

Technical data
• DVI 29-pin plug-socket
• Socket angled 90° to the right
• Connectors: nickel-plated

System requirements

• One free DVI 29-pin port
  • General
    • Type
    • DVI adapter
    • Design
    • 24+5 DVI plug <> 1x 24+5 DVI socket
    • Assembly
    • Gold-plated
  • Other
    • Specification
    • Angled to the right