DJI 00000077.01DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Intelligent Flight Battery

  • Battery status via DJI GO app
  • Self-discharge protection

  • Over-voltage protection

  • The battery uses the latest technology to ensure that the flight control system always receives accurate data about the battery charge level. This means that flight times can now be calculated even more precisely. It also gives the pilot a good overview of the battery status, including the real-time status of the battery cells, number of cycles, temperature and much more - all directly via the DJI GO app. As well as monitoring the battery status during flight, the BMS also has overcharge and deep-discharge protection, reducing the likelihood of damage even further. When not in use for extended periods of time, the DJI Intelligent Flight Battery automatically discharges to 50% charge to ensure optimum battery life. When flying in cold temperatures, the BMS activates low-temperature protection and uses this to controls power output. This ensures the battery can provide adequate power without being damaged by the cold.

    Technical data
    • Energy: 43.6 Wh
    • Operating temperature: 5 to 40°C

    • Mavic Pro Platinum
    • Mavic 50-W Battery Charger
    • Mavic Car Charger
    • Mavic Battery Charging Hub (advanced)
    • Mavic Battery Charging Hub
    • Mavic Battery to Power Bank Adapter

    • General
      • Type
      • Battery
      • Technology
      • For dji Mavic Pro Platinum
      • Category
      • Cell
      • Flight Time/Operating Time (max.)
      • 30 mins
    • Electrical values
      • Accumulator
      • LiPo 3S
      • Voltage
      • 11.4 V
      • Capacitance
      • 3830 mAh
    • Environmental information
      • dangerous goods
      • UN3480/188
    • Weights
      • Weight
      • 240 g