CLICK CAS 70349Clicktronic Casual VGA connecting cable 1 m

Clicktronic® VGA connecting cable – monitor cable for video signals up to WQXGA

Unleash the potential of your graphics card. Thanks to multiple signal shielding, pure materials and precise workmanship, this cable transmits the analogue video signal from your computer clearly and with colour fidelity onto monitors and projectors. This makes presentations and multimedia applications double the fun.

• Analogue video/monitor cable with VGA plug (Mini D-Sub)
• Pure copper conductors and double shielding for clear signal quality
• Supports a maximum resolution of up to 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA)
• 24-carat gold-plated contacts for minimum transfer resistance

• Length: 1.0 m
  • Interfaces
    • Connection entry
    • 15-pin VGA plug
    • Connection discharge
    • 15-pin VGA plug
    • Connection
    • 15-pin VGA <> 15-pin VGA
  • Measures
    • Cable length
    • 1.0 m
  • General
    • Type
    • Home Cinema cable
    • Design
    • VGA plug
    • Technology
    • Up to 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA)
  • Other
    • Specification
    • VGA connection cable