LANCOM 1781-4GBusiness VPN router, multiband LTE router

    • Integrated multiband LTE modem, backwards compatible with HSPA+, HSxPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS
    • Energy-saving 4x Gigabit Ethernet switch in line with IEEE 802.3az
    • Secure VPN site connection with 5 simultaneous IPSec VPN channels (25 channels optional )
    • Network virtualisation with up to 16 virtual networks on one device (ARF)
    • Stateful Inspection Firewall with intrusion detection and denial of service protection

    Its outstanding feature is the support of 800, 1800 and 2600-MHz frequency bands and all 2G, 3G and 4G mobile communications. This enables it to provide a high-speed broadband connection of up to 100 Mbit/s in areas without DSL availability and also in cities, depending on the network expansion.

    Thanks to an integrated mobile wireless modem and LTE support, the LANCOM 1781-4G A provides wireless broadband connections with speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s. Extensive VPN functions enable the device to establish secure, high-performance connections for branches and home offices. The four ports of the integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch ensure highest performance. At the same time they are energy efficient in line with IEEE 802.3az: if no data is transmitted via an interface, power consumption automatically shut down. The LANCOM 1781-4G also provides everything that a modern enterprise network needs, such as extensive Quality-of-service functions and an object-oriented firewall.

    Improved performance
    The LANCOM 1781-4G provides a balanced and modern hardware platform for reliable operation of enterprise networks around the clock. As a professional business router, the device meets high standards in the areas of network virtualisation, security and VPN networking. Simultaneously, computing power, storage capacity and high-speed interfaces guarantee network performance under heavy use.

    Improved security.
    Whether connecting home workspaces or a multinational branch network - VPN-specialist LANCOM stands for fast, secure and cost-effective communication. The LANCOM 1781-4G is particularly suitable for branch offices or small businesses who wish to set up a secure VPN: The router's VPN gateway allows 5 IPSec channels to be established simultaneously and can be increased to 25 channels, if required. In addition to the mobile wireless modem, the device also provides ISDN remote maintenance and backup. The built-in GPS receiver offers advantages when using the LANCOM 1781-4G at various, changing locations. When used at fixed locations, access to corporate data or applications can be protected by site verification in the same way. If the device is stolen, configuration is blocked. This prevents login data from being accessed and connections - e.g. VPN - from being misused.

    Improved management.
    LANCOM Management System LCMS is a free software package for the LANCOM 1781-4G for configuration, remote maintenance and monitoring of networks. The central element of LCMS, LANconfig, is used to configure the LANCOM 1781-4G and other LANCOM devices in the network. LANmonitor provides detailed real-time monitoring of parameters, retrieves logs and statistics, and generates and analyses detailed trace logs. Other functions in the LCMS are the firewall GUI for setting up the firewall, automatic back up of configurations and scripts and the intuitive folder structure with convenient search function.

    Improved virtualisation.
    The LANCOM 1781-4G lets you use your IT resources effectively and save costs. Because the device can have multiple, independent networks can be set up on the device. This is enabled by the powerful Advanced Routing and Forwarding (ARF) technology. Using ARF, the LANCOM 1781-4G provides up to sixteen virtual networks with individual properties for DHCP, DNS, routing, and firewall. ARF allows separate networks for different groups and application areas to be operated on a single physical infrastructure.

    Improved future-proofing.
    LANCOM products are always designed for many years of use and therefore feature hardware that is dimensioned for the future. Updates of the LANCOM operating system LCOS are available free of charge several times a year, even for older product lines and including major features. LANCOM offers unparalleled investment protection.
    This device is equipped with a mains plug that is not approved for use in the UK in accordance with the “Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations”.
    For operation of the device, only suitable and approved power supply cables may be used, in addition to adapter plugs approved by the BSI that are designed to be disconnected again.
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    • General
      • Type
      • VPN multi-band LTE router
      • Design
      • Integrated 4-port switch
      • Power supply
      • External
    • Other
      • Specification
      • Integrated firewall
    • Display
      • Display
      • Status LEDs
    • Interfaces
      • LAN
      • 10/100/1000
      • Connection
      • 4x RJ45, 1x ISDN, 1x COM, 1x USB, 1x GPS
    • Power supply
      • Power unit, inclusive
      • Yes
      • Mains voltage input
      • 230 V AC
      • Mains frequency
      • 50/60 Hz
      • Mains plug
      • C - Euro plug CEE 7/16
      • Power supply, on device
      • Plug housing
      • Low-voltage input
      • 12 V DC / 1.5 A
      • Low-voltage connection
      • DC mounted socket, round, 2-pin