WERA 05066102001TORX Bits, BiTorsion 867/1 BDC TX 15 x 25 mm

Bits for recessed TORX® screws with tiny diamond particles on the bit tip. This ensures a secure fit of the bit in the screw, reduces the contact pressure required and lowers the risk of slipping.
Come with a Torsion zone - where kinetic energy is diverted from peak loads - and softer BiTorsion zone to prevent the bit tip from twisting under peak loads.
This greatly extends the product service life.
¼ hexagon, suitable for holders as per DIN ISO 1173-D 6.3.
  • General
    • Type
    • Bit
    • Technology
    • Torsion
    • Design
    • TORX (TX)
    • Approval
    • DIN 3126
    • Assembly
    • Format C6.3/hexagonal
  • Measures
    • Blade size
    • 15
    • Bit lenght
    • 25 mm