BEQUIET BGZ14be quiet! noise-dampening mats Universal BIG-Tower

be quiet! noise-dampening mats Universal for BIG-Tower; black fleece material for Midi-Tower can be used universally

"be quiet!"—one of the first manufacturers of noise-dampening mat sets for PCs—launches the latest generation of its bestseller on the market. Despite numerous outstanding tests, the original set has been significantly improved once again. You just need to cut the mats to size and then glue them into the housing.

The use of special materials gives these sets optimum insulating properties and makes them easy to install. The attractive fleece coating eliminates the sound from the inside of the housing, the bituminised board deadens structure-borne noise (vibration transmitted to the housing) and the foam mat effectively prevents noise from escaping at the front of the housing.

The individual parts of the kits consist of a variety of high-quality materials to ensure the highest possible level of soundproofing for your housing. Click on the respective material for further technical information.

The noise-dampening mat set is supplied in attractive sales packaging. Installation instructions are also included in the package. These instructions contain diagrams and are designed to help you install the mats.
Technical data:
- Five pieces of 2.2-mm thick insulating board (bituminised board) with 8-mm thick special foam with fleece coating (400 x 240 mm)
- One piece of 20-mm thick special foam with fleece coating (400 x 240 mm)
- Installation instructions
  • General
    • Type
    • Insulation mats
    • Design
    • For Big Tower
    • Colour
    • Black
    • Material
    • Fleece fabric