BPI BRY OS 16GBBanana Pi — OS 16 GB microSD card, Class 10

This memory card has the Raspberry Pi operating system Raspbian Jessie OS and has been specifically adapted for the Banana Pi M2 Berry.

The Banana Pi M2 Berry is ready to use immediately with this special Raspbian Jessie variant.

The applications already installed include the following
• Development apps: BlueJ Java I.D.E., Geany, Greenfoot Java I.D.E, Mathematica, Node-REEDm Python 2, Python 3, Scratch, Sense HAT emulator, Wolfram
• Office apps: Libre Office: Base, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math, Writer
• Internet apps: Chromium web browser, Claws Mail, Firefox, Raspberry Pi Resources, The MagPi, VNC Viewer
• Games apps: Minecraft Pi, Python Games
• Accessories apps: Image Viewer, Calculator, File Manager, LXTerminal, PDF Viewer, SD Card Copier, Task Manager, Text Editor, Xarchiver
• Entertainment apps: GUVCView, VCL Media Player
• Help apps: Debian Reference, Raspberry Pi Help
• Settings apps: Add / Remove Software, Appearance Settings, Audio Device Settings, Main Menu Editor, Raspberry Pi Configuration, Synaptic Package Manager, Keyboard and Mouse

Additional programs are easy to install with the "Synaptic Package Manager" tool. All you need is an Internet connection and you can then
install the programs you want with a click of the mouse.

Included in the delivery
• 16 GB MSD memory card (Class 10) incl. operating system
  • Implementation
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    • Banana Pi
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    • Linux