ROLLEI 26331Astroklar-Filter, round filter, 72 mm

The Astroklar filter is a special filter, which is ideally suitable for astrophotography and for landscape and city photographs at night

  • Effectively reduces light pollution during darkness
  • Manufactured from high-quality optical glass
  • Double-sided nanocoating
  • Prevents reflections
  • Water, oil and dirt-repellent
  • Neutral behaviour within the infrared light range

The Rollei Astroklar filter, which is manufactured from highquality optical glass, is particularly suitable for astrophotography and for landscape photography at night. As a result, the Astroklar filter effectively reduces the light pollution in photographs taken when it is dark. The phenomenon of light pollution, which is also called light smog, results from brightening of the night sky, which is usually caused by artificial sources of light, because their light is dispersed into the atmosphere. Just this light pollution has a disturbing effect on the photography of astronomical objects and on landscape and city shots at night.

In the case of the Rollei Astroklar filter, a special coating is used on it that suppresses the typical light wavelengths of the yellow and orange-coloured light, which occur due to the usual sources of artificial light, such as street lighting, for example. Nevertheless, the Astroklar filter behaves extremely neutrally, particularly within the infrared light range, which is a large advantage for astrophotography.

Not only does the double-sided nanocoating of the Astroklar filter prevent reflections but it is also water, oil and dirt-repellent and thus extremely easy to clean.

Please note that depending on the subject you are photographing, the Astroklar filter is designed to have a perceived cooling effect on your image. We recommend using manual white balance and adjusting your colour temperature at the point of capture by between +700K and +1500K from the chosen white balance without filter to ensure colour fidelity in the scene.
  • Implementation
    • Filter format
    • Rundfilter
    • F-stop reduction
    • 2/3 stops
  • General
    • Type
    • Light Pollution Filter
  • Measures
    • Ø
    • 72 mm
  • Other
    • Specification
    • Optical glass