Arduino™ USB Host Shield
The Arduino™ USB host shield can be used to connect a USB device to your Arduino™ board.

What devices can I connect to the USB host shield?
• Human interface devices (HID) such as keyboards and mice
• Game controllers for Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360
• USB serial converter
• ADK-compatible Android devices
• Digital cameras
• Storage devices such as USB sticks, memory card readers and external hard drives
• Bluetooth dongles

Features and benefits of the USB Host Shield
• Built-in MAX3421E USB peripheral/host controller
• USB 2.0
• Compatible with the Arduino™ TinkerKit
• Suitable for a 5-V power supply unit (available via your Arduino™ board)
  • Implementation
    • Model
    • Arduino
  • General
    • Category
    • Shield
    • Type
    • Expansion Board
    • Design
    • USB