IS 3-6456-5146-2Arduino Blinkenlight Shield

Spectacular lighting effects with Arduino™ and Freeduino
Includes: board with 20 individually controllable LEDs

Fascinating insight into light-emitting diodes and lights: This shield turns your Arduino™ into a platform on which you can perform a host of exciting experiments without the need for time-consuming
wiring. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, you will find the perfect technical foundation here to get started straight away. All you need are an Arduino™ board and a computer.

Simply insert the shield onto your Arduino™ and follow the detailed descriptions on
There you will also find demonstration videos, as well as sample codes to download and use in your own programs. The codes are freeware and available under an open-source license (GPL V3).

You can perform these experiments:

• Program a wide variety of lighting effects — such as the popular Knight Rider effect, the Bouncing Ball or a heartbeat effect.
• Create impressive light painting and effects using Persistence of Vision techniques.
• Turn your Arduino™ into a level meter.
• Discover how light-emitting diodes can be used as a rudimentary camera.
• Change the function of the reset button to an entry button.

In the process, you will learn how to use the EEPROM memory and therefore also store values in the memory in the off state.
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