ARCTIC MX-2 8GArctic MX-2 thermal compound, 8 g

ARCTIC MX-2 is a thermal compound with high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance in order to efficiently guide heat away from the CPU/GPU to heat sinks.

Excellent performance
ARCTIC MX-2 consists of carbon micro-particles which feature extremely high thermal conductivity. This ensures fast and efficient heat dissipation from the CPU or GPU. The performance of ARCTIC MX-2 exceeds many other well-known thermal compounds on the market by far.

Quick and easy to use
As ARCTIC MX-2 contains no metal particles, electrical conductivity is not an issue with this compound. In contrast with other silver and copper compounds, ARCTIC MX-2 ensures that contact with any electrical connections cannot lead to damage. In addition, ARCTIC MX-2 is very easy to apply. The result when spreading with the fingers is always ideal thanks to the consistency of the compound.

High durability
In contrast to metal and silicone thermal compounds, ARCTIC MX-2 always demonstrates the same performance even after a long storage period. It does not need to be reapplied and has a shelf life of at least eight years.

Thermal conductivity W/(mK): 5.6
Viscosity (poise): 850
Density (g/cm³): 3.96
  • General
    • Type
    • Thermal grease
    • Technology
    • 3.96 g/cm² density
  • Implementation
    • Content
    • 8 g