SOL-EXP 78669Active box for smartphone, solder kit to build yourself


This soldering kit is intended to provide an easy introduction to the basics of soldering on boards and components. It is very suitable for guided soldering courses in schools and workshops. But it can also be used very well in holiday programs, in rural school homes and other events related to soldering.

An active loudspeaker with a 5 Watt mono amplifier board is built.

In addition to the amplifier board, which must be assembled and soldered, a complete loudspeaker cabinet is included. The user must also assemble these himself. The box can be assembled and glued easily without further woodworking due to laser-cut precisely fitting wooden components.

The AKTIVBOX can be connected to the smartphone or MP3 player via the headphone socket and thus turns the headphone output into a comfortable loudspeaker.

Power is supplied via a 9 V block. This is included in the set.

Still needed: Soldering iron, solder tin

Recommended age: 12+.
  • General
    • Type
    • Kit
    • Design
    • 9 V Blockbatterie
  • Implementation
    • power supply
    • 9 V