ALLNET AL168615K600 Mbit/s Powerline kit — passthrough (two pcs.)

ALLNET Powerline 600 Mbit/s passthrough 2x bundle bridge RJ45 (two adapters)

• New HomePlug AV2 standard
• Up to 600 Mbit/s Powerline data transfer rate via Powerline
• More bandwidth through extended frequency range 30 - 86 MHz
• Secure communication and protection for your data at the push of a button
• Easy installation without a time-consuming configuration process

The ALLNET ALL168610DOUBLE adapter is the first Powerline adapter on the market to meet the HomePlug AV2 standard
and deliver 600 Mbit/s.

The ALLNET ALL168610DOUBLE uses the latest Qualcomm QCA7450/AR1540 chipset and features a Gigabit
Ethernet RJ45 interface. It is compatible with the IEEE1901/HomePlug AV Powerline standards, as well as GreenPHY, meaning it can be easily
combined with existing power-line communication end devices from other manufacturers.

Ultra-fast data rates and Quality of Service (QoS) enable you to use high-performance multimedia applications
and enjoy digital high-speed multimedia home networking throughout the house, including IPTV services,
simultaneous HD video and audio distribution, voice-over-IP calls, online gaming and high-speed Internet.

The ALLNET ALL168610DOUBLE enables simple plug and play connectivity at the push of a button without needing to use software to configure the device.
per Software nötig ist. The Network Management Key (NMK) with 128-bit AES hardware encryption ensures
secure, authenticated access to the logical network and protects the network from hackers.

In order to fulfil the requirements for modern Green IT products, the ALLNET ALL168610DOUBLE complies with the
European Code of Conduct (CoC) for improving energy efficiency and the Energy using Products (EuP) Directive of the
European Union.

The new HomePlug AV2 standard enables highly efficient data transfer via the power cable with technologies such as
Efficient Notching and High Efficiency PHY Protocol Data Unit (PPDU) structure.

SmartLink technology

The new Powerline home network generation of ALLNET.
The new SmartLink technology enables more reliable and faster data transfer, significantly increasing
speeds for Powerline users. Previous Powerline adapters only used two of the three lines available.
verwendet. As well as the phase and neutral wires, for the first time SmartLink now also uses the earth wire for data transfer,
allowing it to use the power line to its full potential. This SmartLink function is also known as MIMO (multiple-in,
multiple-out). In addition to a significant increase in speed of up to 600 Mbit, this function can also
greatly increase the range and improve the reliability of the Powerline signal. Even remote rooms in the basement or the
attic can now enjoy fast data rates.
Benefits at a glance

• Delivers a more stable Internet connection with significantly greater ranges.
• Uses the earth wire in addition to the phase and neutral wire in the power line.
• Much improved data transfer thanks to optimised signal coupling at the power line.
• Automatically selects the best communication path in the power network.
  • Modèle
    • Débit de transfert
    • 600 Mbit/s
  • Raccordements / interfaces
    • LAN
    • 100/1000
    • Connexion
    • 1x RJ45
  • Généralité
    • Montage
    • 2 appareils
    • Technologie
    • Powerline
    • Type
    • Kit adaptateur Ethernet
    • Version
    • Mise en réseau de la maison par réseau électrique
    • Technologie
    • Powerline
    • Accessoires
    • 1x patch cable, installation manual, CD-ROM
  • Valeurs électriques
    • Puissance absorbée (en service)
    • 3.6 W
  • Display
    • Affichage
    • LED d'état
  • Particularités
    • Protocole
    • Cryptage
    • 128-Bit AES
  • Divers
    • Portée
    • 200 m
  • Dimensions
    • Largeur
    • 56 mm
    • Hauteur
    • 78 mm
    • Profondeur
    • 29 mm
  • Alimentation électrique
    • Entrée de tension (réseau)
    • 220 - 240 V CA
    • Fréquence du réseau
    • 50/60 Hz
    • Fiche secteur
    • F - Prise de contact de protection CEE 7/4
    • Raccordement secteur, sur l´appareil
    • Boîtier de connecteur
    • Tension de sortie
    • 230 V AC
    • Tension de sortie, raccordement
    • Socket output, type F - protective contact