ILD 213T2xOptokoppler 4kV 70V 30mA >100% SO8

2xOptokoppler 4kV 70V 30mA >100% SO8

The ILD205T/206T/207T/211T/213T/217T are optically coupled pairs with a Gallium Arsenide infrared LED and a silicon NPN phototransistor. Signal information, including a DC level, can be transmitted by the device while maintaining a high degree of electrical isolation between input and output. The ILD205T/206T/207T/211T/213T/217T come in a standard SOIC-8 small outline package for surface mounting which makes it ideally suited for high density applications with limited space. In addition to eliminating through-holes requirements, this package conforms to standards for surface mounted devices.
A specified minimum and maximum CTR allows a narrow tolerance in the electrical design of the adjacent circuits. The high BVCEO of 70 V gives a higher safety margin compared to the industry standard of 30 V.
  • Allgemeines
    • Typ
    • Optokoppler
    • Gehäuse
    • SO-8
  • Elektrische Werte
    • Typ. Vorwärtsspannung
    • 1,2 V
    • Vorwärtsspannung
    • 6,0 V
    • Vorwärtsstrom
    • 30 mA
    • Collector-Emitter-Spannung
    • 70 V
    • Isolationsspannung
    • 4000 V